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Police Owned Police Bike Store
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Police owned Police Bike Store.


Police Patrol, Public Safety and Tactical Bikes and Accessories.

Duty Gear for todays Professional First Responder.

No Hype, No Gimmicks, No Special deals or Special pricing needed. We will match any authorized dealer advertised pricing for Police Bikes, Lights and Sirens.

Shop with us, The leader in Police Bike sales and Service.

Kona Safariland Police Bike Authorized Dealer

Welcome to 4Bike-Police.com . The Officer owned Police Bicycle and Professional Duty Gear Store. On our site, you will find Police Bicycles from the industry leaders and Duty Gear for the police bike officer with all the professional gear that keeps your squad equipped. Also, Fire Dept / EMS Bikes, bags, Uniforms and lighting.

Police Bike Patrols are an extension of the community policing effort, the bike patrols provide officers with greater opportunities to connect with residents and business people. Building stronger rapport and better communication between police and community members can help officers resolve concerns before they develop into problems. Moreover, Patrol Bikes offer police greater maneuverability and access to areas where cars can't go, a potential advantage in apprehension situations.

EMS and Emergency response teams can move quickly through crowds of people and carry the emergency equipment they need.  Bikes are the Green way to keep your force in the public view providing your service.

We will do our best to meet your departments demanding needs as we have done time again. If you need special assistance just contact us and we will work with you.

 Proud member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association Product Purchase Program ask about our IPMBA discounts.

Be an IPMBA member click here to Join. Hope to See you in Tampa, Florida in 2014.

Contact us for Custom Quotes via email
LCGInc @SBCGlobal.net or Call 501-517-5338

Our Winter special is the Mini DVR Personal Worn Recorder


We outfit your squad from head to toe.  Thats just what we do! Your source for the widest selection of Police Bike and Duty Gear available online.

Police Bike Models from the 'Made in the USA' Volcanic Bike Company and New Safriland by Kona to entry level Force Patrol and Premier Fuji Duty Bikes. We have all sizes and all the brands you need for a department, squad or team.  All Duty Police Bikes are available with your choice of Police, Sherrif, EMS, Security or Ranger Decals (customizing is also available).

Helmets, Racks and Packs, lights and sirens, also accessories for your bike maintenance officer to keep your bike squad tuned and running well. Look for your department tactical radio components here. Great for bike teams is the Scorpion wireless microphone that fits most all radios.

Uniforms for Bike Patrol and squads from Mocean the leader in Bike Patrol clothing, 5.11 and More.  Socks and shoes perfect for bike patrol members.

So shop us with confidence where you find what you are looking for in Police Bikes and accessories on the web. We offer pricing for City, State and Government Law Enforcement and Public Service Agencies.

No hype, no gimmicks, no special pricing. Everyday low pricing. When we get breaks from the manufacturer we pass them to you. We owe that to you.

Tell us your plan and we will return custom quotes to submit to your procurement officer or quartermaster. Call us at 501-517-5338. We accept official Purchase Orders* and are DUNS and CCR/SAM registered.

R&B Fabrications preferred dealer. High Performance and rugged dependability. R&B Bags and Packs for Fire and EMS teams to carry the gear you need.

We are not just a Police Bike website, we are owned by a retired Military Law Enforcement Officer. We understand the issues and concerns of your department. Let us work something out with you. As a direct purchaser from the manufacturers. We can meet your orders of any size. Our customer service sets us apart from the average police bike store. Shop the others first if you like then give us a call and compare. We want your business.

Our Bikes are ready for any first responder application, we have supplied: 

Police  Departments, Sheriff Offices, Mall Security, College Police, Security Teams, Amusement Parks, Casinos and Resorts, Hospitals and EMS Teams, Airport Police, National Park Police, US Boarder Patrol, Dept of Natural Resources, City Parks, Military - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard bike teams.

For the maintenance officer. Our friends at BikeDuty.com have a library of bike repair videos all in one place for your convenience.


 Add a Starter Package Kit to any police bike we offer. Add your choice Bushwhacker Mesa Bag, a Lightman Dual Strobe Light and Helmet either a (Bell Helmet or Giro  Helmet)

Outskirts Outdoors is an authorized Lightman Strobe Distributor

View All of Our Lightman Safety Strobes here "When Lives are on The Line". 4Bike-Police is a full service Lightman Distributor. Police vehicle kits, Police bike strobes and emergency landing zone kits are available.

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4Bike-Police wants to hear from you. Newly added is a Stop and Swap Page from our friends at Bikeduty.com. Topics for Biking, police, military and product reviews. You can also Fan us on Facebook and tweet us on Twitter.

Watch Castle Saturday Nights on ABC. Check the backgrounds and see our Fuji Police Bikes on the set of this show. Also look for our gear on the set of Memphis Heat on TNT, and CBS' The Mentailist. We been selling to the stars along with Police Departments and First Responders for years.

Its what we do... Sell quality Police Bikes and Duty Accessories.


We are Police and Veteran Owned, Retired LEO small business and FOP member. We support The United States of America and our Armed Forces defending freedom around the world and our First responders that put their lives on the line daily for our protection.

Homeland Security Live Alert

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