Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Leonard Consulting Inc the parent company to 4Bike-Police a leading bike and accessory store, now offers Vehicle Maintenance as we stop and visit your department.

We are now certified installers of GlassParency.

GlassParency is a hydrophobic windshield coating. GlassParency is unmatched as the best automotive glass treatment in the industry. Say goodbye to rain, snow, water stains, mud, sleet, and many other contaminants and say hello to an immensely improved overall driving experience with reduced glare, increased safety and an impressively enhanced visual clarity. Learn more about why thousands of customers choose GlassParency to protect their windshields.

By treating your fleet vehicles, driver’s visibility will be greatly enhanced. By improving a driver’s visibility in time of in climate weather, you are creating a safer environment for both the driver and pedestrians. In environments with harsh winters/snow/ice, you are offering an opportunity to save on costs when it comes to defrosting/deicing a windshield.

Your Vehicles:

  • Increases driver’s reaction time by up to 34% during inclement weather.
  • Water, ice and snow will repel.
  • Snow and ice will be less likely to stick, cutting down defrosting time and costs.
  • Optically improves the clarity of the glass and reduces night and day glare.
  • Bugs, dirt and debris is less likely to stick, keeping glass cleaner and and free from obstruction.
  • Perfect for visibility during surveillance operations. 

Contact us for a custom quote that meets your department needs. Ask about the FREE Vehicle Evaluation Install for your fleet. (one per department)

Glassparency Certified Installer