Tail Light addition for Cycle Siren Light Sets

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CS Taillight
2.00 LBS
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Taillights - Are high-visibility daylight viewing strobe lighting. The combo strobe lighting flash&#39s at a rate is 4 per second and alternates between the two colors. Signal colored taillights flash at a rate is 4 per second. A taillight is controlled via the associated siren&#39s handlebar remote control.

  • Power source is supplied by the Mini-Siren 9.6 volt (Ni-MH) battery pack.
  • Daylight viewing strobe lighting. The strobe flash rate is 4 per second and alternates between colors when two colors are provided.
  • The taillight is controlled by the Mini-Siren handlebar remote control.

Taillight Color Options Are:

Blue/Amber -- Blue/Red -- Red/Amber -- All Blue -- All Red -- All Amber

These tail lights only operate with a Cycle Siren Light Combo. They are not stand alone lighting.