Tacmed™ Gunshot Kit with S.T.A.T. Tourniquet

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EMI 9145
3.00 LBS
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The TACMED™ Gunshot kit featuring the new S.T.A.T. Tourniquet is an invaluable kit that could save your life, your partners, victims or patients. This kit is the newest edition to our TACMED™ product line. Quick, Simple and Effective – the S.T.A.T. Tourniquet is becoming the 1st Responder's choice for mass casualty tourniquets. It is the only tourniquet with a built-in timer mechanism which automatically activates when it is applied. Other features include one hand application, precision tightening, finger release lever and pediatric applicable. The TACMED™ Gunshot Kit with S.T.A.T. Tourniquet comes in a 7½"x6" Molle pouch. It weight approximately 2 lbs.

The TACMED™ Gunshot Kits Includes:

1 - S.T.A.T. Tourniquet (Black or Orange)
1 - Quick Clot
1 - Deluxe EMT Shears
1 - Asherman Chest Seal
4 - Nitrile Gloves
1 - Blood Stopper Bandage
1 - 3"x 9" Vaseline Gauze
1 - 3" Sterile Conforming Bandage
2 - 5"x 9" Abdominal Pads
10 - 4"x 4" Sterile Pads
4 - Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
1 - 7½" x 6" Molle Pouch