Patrol Mini-Siren

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Patrol Mini
3.00 LBS
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The Patrol Mini Siren - Provides a high-visibility daylight viewing RED/BLUE or RED/WHITE(EMS) combo LED strobe front lighting and also an Ultra-Bright White LED streetlight at luminous intensity of 180 candela. The White LED streetlight is designed for in-city use and should not be used for mountain biking or as the main lighting in very dark areas. The Patrol is also available with the ALL BLUE strobe front lighting.

Wail... 550Hz to 1900Hz
Yelp... 619Hz to 2509Hz
Horn... 300Hz to 600Hz range

  • Lightweight at 1.1lb., including battery.
  • Daylight viewing Red/Blue LED strobes with a luminous intensity is 48/48 candela, respectively. The White LED street light luminous intensity is 240 candela.
  • Built-in battery voltage indicator and located on the handlebar remote control, will light to indicate a low voltage battery.
  • Optional accessory taillight, controlled by the siren&#39s handlebar remote control. Other taillight colors available.
  • Sealed tactile push-button switches for Wail, Yelp, Strobe Lights, and Horn Functions.
  • Watertight siren & lighting housing and switch-box.
  • Waterproof circuit boards.
  • Mini-Siren operating temperature range between 32°F and 110°F.
  • Color matte black.