Half Finger Police Bike Gloves

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Patented technology --  with a "groove" in the palm padding that protects hands from numbness & fatigue...guaranteed.
The only gloves with Shock-TekTM technology - a patented channel through the palm padding.

Patented channel between pads protects the median nerve...
** Keeps pressure off median nerve
** Reduces hand numbness & fatigue
** Reduces road shock and vibration
** Increases comfort over long rides

Situations where time is of essence to remove hand protection:
Cycling patrols, such as Police/Fire/Emergency Rescue workers

* Patent pending Rip-It fast on/off closure
* Screened with Police - right-reading for oncoming people.
* Breathable mesh back fabric for comfort
* Shock-Tek patented channel keeps pressure off median nerve to reduce numbness & discomfort
* Reinforced thumb crotch for comfort & better wear

Police Lettering only.  Spenco quit making these gloves, when this stock is gone they are gone.
Available sizes and quantity - Small (3 pair), Med (2 pair) Large (Out of Stock), Extra Large (5 pair)