EMS / Police Medical Response Kits


Thirty-Five years ago, Dr. Ronald Karl, a highly experienced emergency medical care specialist was often witness to the intensity and complexity of public safety professionals' jobs. Dr. Karl had a strong desire to support and serve these courageous men and women, which is what led him to create the company he named EMI-Emergency Medical International.

Dr. Karl has served as EMI's President and CEO since the company's inception. His vision, focus and determination have led our company and its employees toward success by partnering with a worldwide network of distributors who promote EMI's innovative products to EMS, Fire and Police professionals.

In 2014 EMI celebrates our 35th anniversary. When looking back, EMI began small with a few selected products and over the years grew to become an industry leader. EMI now offers over 300 diverse products, ranging from the Fireman's 5-in-1 Tool and 911 Tool, Trauma bags, Flashback 5 LED Light Batons, and our newest TACMED and Think Pink lines. EMI consistently strives to bring our customers a product line that's full of intensity, insight and impact.

We are happy to provide this selection EMS and Law Enforcement products.