Alerte LED Visor 88 Quad Flash

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Super Bright LED Lensed Arrays in compact housing with push/push on/off switch, Velcro mounting straps for easy visor attachment and a 10 ft. cable with a plug to fit the cigarette lighter or accessory outlet.

Arrays are available with solid banks of 44 LED's per side in RED, BLUE, AMBER, GREEN or WHITE. Choose array combinations to suit your jurisdiction or ordinance requirements.

Each array equipped with vertical rows of White LED's at their outer edges to provide the "HALO" effect pioneered by ALERTE to enhance visibility.

Tough water clear polycarbonate lenses and rugged ABS housing.

Weighs only 15 oz. / Size 3" x 12"

The LED Visor Light 88 can be connected directly to the vehicle power source by removing the cable plug and wiring the ribbed cable lead to plus 12 volts and the smooth cable lead to a good known ground.